Turn your organisation into a powerful sales force

The goal of our sales workshops is to ensure you recognize the value of understanding your prospects and clients and how best to ensure they purchase your product or services.
Thereafter, you will be skilled to identify your specific target market and have an organized approach to successful selling.
Every professional needs to continually update their sales skills. They need to keep ahead of the competition to prosper. If your business is not growing it is dying. Your sales team looks after the income-generation side of your business – are they learning and growing?

Who should attend our workshops

Our workshops are aimed at both the non-sales employees as well as your entire sales team.
In an organisation, such as your front office admin teams or any employees who deal directly with customers – Every single person in your organisation is selling to some degree, from the minute they answer the phone or help a client at reception. If you have a minimum of 5 employees within your organisation that could benefit from our half day sales workshops, then this is definitely the solution to sales training and mentoring for your team.

What you will gain from our workshops

  • Develop, articulate and communicate your USP.
  • Master positioning and presenting yourself, your company, your product and service.
  • Establishing rapport with your prospects and clients.
  • Master the art of crafting a fool proof needs analysis.
  • Master POWER questions. The art of words for results.
  • Learn how to PITCH like a pro.
  • Master the closing skills of champions.
  • Learn how to handle ANY objection.
  • Develop and maintain sales confidence.
  • Much much more...