Sales Solutions

“We close the deals…. That’s what we do.” 

Ever considered a sales outsourcing solution for your business?

Even on a good year, SME’s struggle to grow a business at a steady, but predictable rate, and in more difficult economic times it becomes even harder. Being an SME owner or a director in a large organisation, with sale targets, to appoint and manage a body just for sales, is costly and time-consuming. 

That is where our service offering comes into play, we offer a full sales outsourcing services solution for your company.

B2B Sales Solutions are the right sales outsourcing company for your business.

Our sister company Virtual B2B have found the right prospects; they have done the cold calling and scheduled the appointments in your calendars.

Now let B2B Sales Solutions help you close the deal, our client gets even added sales service support through our fully outsourced sales team, who will attend the meetings on your behalf.

If you are not looking to hire your own in-house sales team, or you don’t have time to go to sales appointment and your business strategy is focused on managing a good organisation, then B2B Sales Solutions is what you need to grow your business to the next level and increase those sales.

How we do what we do to get things done…

  • Our clients purchase appointments from Virtual B2B Solutions.
  • One of our expert business development managers will attend the meeting on the clients behalf.
  • All appointments are logged into CRM and our clients are provided with detailed feedback on each meeting.
  • The sales process is followed through to either the proposal phase or closed deal.

How much will B2B Sales Solutions cost?

At our sister company Virtual B2B we use a pre-paid model for the service offering the same applies to our B2B Sales Solution. Clients purchase appointment bundles and B2B Sales Solutions charge a retainer to attend the scheduled appointments on behalf of the client. Once deals are closed, we will charge a percentage commission on the deal.

Contact us for your sales outsourcing solutions today.