Increase your revenue and grow your clientele

Our executive appointment setting team will engage with potential prospects using meaningful dialogue to identify the decision maker, verifying their designation and decision making role within the organisation and to identify their expressed interest in your product or service.
We specialise in setting up qualified B2B appointments that will produce new sales opportunities for your sales team.
Focusing on setting up qualified appointments that align with your qualifying criteria.
Our aim is to generate qualified appointments for our clients and their sales teams.

How we do it

Planning and preparation is a vital part in executing our services effectively.
By conducting an extensive analysis with our clients to gain insight into their sales strategy, to define their specific target markets, we will align our services with our clients business goals.
Part of our services include drafting powerful scripts for your campaign, as well as developing nail on the head objection handling battle cards to provide our agents the tools they need to effectively set up qualified appointments.

Our Services Include

  • The cold call setting up qualified appointments.
  • Calendar scheduling & management.
  • Confirmations of appointments the day before the appointment.
  • Monthly detailed reporting.
  • The option to run multiple campaigns.
  • Emailing company profiles to interested prospects.

The Benefits

  • Speeds up the sales cycle.
  • No cost for recruiting.
  • Utilizing the right skill set.
  • No high telephone bills.
  • Supplied data according to the specific target market.
  • Experienced calling agents ready to deploy.
  • All costs are fixed.

Qualified Apointments

  • The appointment is booked with the decision maker.
  • The criteria has been met as set out in the analysis.
  • The prospect has agreed to an appointment.
  • The prospect has been sent a company profile.
  • A meeting request has been sent.
  • The meeting has taken place.

The Analysis Includes

  • Research and findings on your company and sales strategy.
  • Products and services offered.
  • The value proposition and USP.
  • The target markets defined.
  • Scripting and objection handling battle cards.
  • Scope of work agreement.







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